What will be the future of events in the Philippines and the world?  This is a lingering question not only for us but perhaps for all event organizers in the Philippines and around the world.  The COVID-19 pandemic prevents mass gatherings hence most major events including concerts, conventions, bazaars, cosplay events, and more are canceled this year.  This might even continue for an unforeseeable future.  So what now?  What do we do?

A Business in Jeopardy?

COVID-19 brings an unprecedented change to what is normal for everyone worldwide.  In our experience, events are always a regular part of our business and we are wondering how we will proceed.  This year we have canceled our major event Pinoy Otaku Festival for the first time since 2017.  We had been preparing for it for more than a year but it succumbed to the pandemic.

The dismay over COVID-19 and its effects on events are not only for those like us but also for those who love to attend events.  How are you feeling about it?  Are you ready to get used to this new normal?  Are you willing to experience concerts and events online and just see them on your screen?  I personally feel frustrated about all of this but this is the new normal.

How can event organizers adapt?  We are clueless though we have some ideas on how to move forward and perhaps explore other areas of Red Cloud Interactive.


The Future of Events Organizing

Let us share some findings from research entitled, “COVID-19 Impact on Events Research: Top-line Results for Planners,” by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).  Convene asked business event industry professionals and suppliers to take our survey about the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the industry. In total, 1,776 people responded.

Many respondents said that they were still taking stock of the situation and their expectations about the future of events were changing day by day. As one respondent summed it up: “It feels like my industry became obsolete overnight.”

Others remained positive about the business events industry recovery. “I foresee/hope that as the pandemic subsides people (organizers and attendees) will look forward to a resumption of business as usual. I do not think that there will be more meetings as a result of pent-up demand but from a social behavior perspective, I think the self-quarantine has reminded us that we are social animals and crave face-to-face communication. Live meetings will continue just as they always have alongside virtual meeting technology.”

So if events are invaluable, what is next for the industry? And are there any best practices to cope with large-scale disruption?