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Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Service Company Logo
Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Service Company Logo

Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Service (or Red Cloud Interactive) began as an informal freelance team in 2010 brought about by the need to organize events usually related to cosplay and music. In 2018, the value of the portfolio accumulated by the group leader to its formalization as a business managed by a group of friends.

Although the portfolio of the company is mainly events-related, the main goal of Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Service as a business is to focus towards business development and assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines. Realizing that this sector needs a partner towards achieving their business goals by promoting their product to their target consumers, we have come up with various services at affordable prices.

We are not merely a business but we are your partners in developing and growing your enterprise. We also allocate 5 percent of our net income towards charity as a means of giving back and gratitude for your support and trust.

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Digital Marketing
We focus on both social media and web marketing coordinating the synergy between the two. Our strategy is to utilize every aspect online to generate leads and awareness for your business and brands/s.
Brand Development
We will help you generate a concrete brand for your business. A brand that would create recall and patronage among your target clients.
Organizational and Personal Development
Training to be better and resolving problems are our expertise. We will help you develop expertise, resolve key issues in your organization and develop a better personality towards achieving success.
Events Management
We organize events to drive traffic to your location, promote your brand or develop awareness for an issue or brand.

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