We are a performing arts organization who trains and specializes in dance, theater, and music. We would like to invite talented individuals including hosts, singers, performers and artists to be freelancers for Red Cloud Interactive events through RED CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to be part of this group of passionate entertainers, please click the registration button and read fill out the form.
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Why Join Red Cloud Entertainment?

Our main goal is to help performing artists like singers, musicians, spoken words, dancers and more to be exposed and to harness their talents.  Through Red Cloud Interactive we want to contribute to their exposure, training and career.

  • Red Cloud Entertainment is part of Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services.
  • It is created to help those engaged in performing arts to be part of marketing-related events.
  • It is created to create a platform for performing arts people.
  • It is created to help members create partnerships with brands.
  • It is created as part of the Event Marketing services of Red Cloud Interactive.
  • We will help you in reaching your goals.
  • We’ll help you to be part of events that we may or may not handle.
  • Red Cloud Interactive will assist you in the management of your group and help you in getting sponsorships and deals.
  • As a member, we will highlight you in applicable websites and blogs of Red Cloud Interactive including but not limited to blog articles, profile, and more.

Featured Red Cloud Entertainment Artist
Ian Lee
Geneva Cabading
Team OKE Gakuen
Esshi Doll
Faith Cabebe
AJ Villacorte
V’s Project

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