Talk about the rarity of events in the south of Metro Manila and now we have one coming – COSPLAY RUMBLE!  The event is presented by Starmall Las Pinas together with other partners and exhibitors.  Red Cloud Interactive together with Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is part of the media partners for the event.  Why should you attend Cosplay Rumble?  Well, read on…

Get ready to cosplay rumble!

The event will be on November 12-13.  It’s a Saturday and a Sunday so you do not have any excuse not to join and have tons of fun.  Remember it’s all about enjoying what you love.  For more updates and event information you can check out their official event page.

Cosplay Rumble Cosplay Competition gives chance to all

If you are thinking that their cosplay competition will again be a hand-over to previous event winners then think again.  Cosplay Rumble bars previous costume winners from all events both major and minor.  This means that those who want to join and have won previously need to enter a brand new costume.  Take note that modification does not count as a brand new costume as well.

It will also be a 2-day cosplay competition with separate contests on both days.  Non-winners can join the 2nd day as well.  It will be a rumble, meaning one versus all so, you can join as an individual, duo or as a team.  Check out the full mechanics in the image below.

Cosplay Rumble Exhibitors

Check out the latest anime and geek items for sale at the event.  Various exhibitors like Cospray, Otaku’s Den, Fanshoppe, Mugiwara Shoppe, Fandom Oddity, Saiki’s Toyland, Lucky Gracious, Cosplay and Casual Closet and more are ready to fulfill your needs.

Ticket Price

A brand new enclosed venue will be the events site.  All you have to do is pay Fifty Pesos as an admission fee and you’re done.  Why the low entrance fee?  Well, the organizer just wants to ask for your support so that there will be more events in the south.