Red Cloud Interactive will provide business digital marketing services to give businesses better online exposure.  Having an internal media channel will be the main advantage in choosing us.  These internal channels will be readily available to help you promote your business.

Online advertising and promotion will be guided by a very strict code of ethics.  it will ensure credibility at all times.  If a review is required, it will remain authentic and truthful.  Our services aim to benefit both the consumers and the client company.  In case of negative reviews, we will work with you in making it better.  This way we can develop a strategy to work on creating a more positive impression.

Here is an example of a recent video game review created by Tech Review PH for Overwatch of Blizzard.  The video is part of a media coverage business digital marketing services for Acer Predator.  Aside from the video, a preview of the product was also published online through one of our blog channels (Click here to see the article).

  Besides the founder’s blogs and media channels, Red Cloud Interactive media channels will also connect with other bloggers.  The company will serve as a bridge between the client company and online influencers in promoting their products and services.

Affordable business digital marketing services

Standard business digital marketing services start at Php10,000 per month.  This already includes management of either one social media account or one website.  As part of the service, the company will provide you with 3 social media posts daily or a maximum of 3 articles for your website.  Each article will be written based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines.  A minimum of 12 months contract is required.

There are other packages which your business can avail.  All of these business digital marketing packages are negotiable and the final pricing will depend on the discussion with the client.

Why outsource business digital marketing services?

  Hiring a team to manage your digital marketing requirements might be more costly than allowing a third-party to handle it.  It will also be easier for your company since the focus of the service is solely dedicated to a set of goals.

Your company will also not be required to pay government-mandated benefits.  Plus there is no regularization and longtime binding contracts which might be a problem later on,

Click here and send us an inquiry so that we can send you a proposal related to business digital marketing services.