Red Cloud Interactive is very lucky to be an official partner of AsiaPop Comicon (APCC) Manila 2016.  Our event coverage had been busy yet rewarding.  During the 2-day event, we managed to meet tons of cosplayers, celebrities, enthusiasts and more.  The most memorable experience perhaps is getting up close to Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.  Also, who can forget that awesome One Piece Live Concert from Hiroshi Kitadani.

Hosting AsiaPop Comicon 2016

David D’Angelo as Master Hercule from Dragonball Z during AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2016.

David D’Angelo, Managing Partner of Red Cloud Interactive which also puts cosplay as one of his hobbies is one of the hosts during the event.  He hosted all the special events on the ground floor of SMX Convention Center.  These events include sponsors promotion and special activities.  The hosting was done inside a real-life wrestling ring courtesy of Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR)

The full force of Red Cloud’s media team was at the event during Day 2.  This team includes Eleazar Santos of OtakuPlay, Derek Asul of Blue Pirate Channel and Ranne Tubig of Reverie Wonderland.  Together with another veteran host, Fatima Jongco, an interview with cosplayers was also done.

Millie Bobby Brown and Stranger Things

We had a rare chance to get close to Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.  Thanks to Blue Pirate Channel for making this footage for us.

One Piece Live Concert by Hiroshi Kitadani

Hiroshi Kitadani’s live concert brings joy to all anime and anisong fans.  Kitadani is a member of JAM Project.  Hirsohi’s the singer behind opening songs for One Piece such as “We Are” and “We Go”.

If you miss the concert then here are two videos made possible by our partner Reverie Wonderland.

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Thanks to the organizers of AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2016 for making us one of their media partners.  We are inviting you to the Asia Pop Comicon Manila (APCC) 2017.  Let’s look forward to more exciting events.